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HNW Guided Portfolios are portfolios of direct shares and exchange traded funds, managed by HNW Planning’s Investment Committee with guidance from external asset consultants. Changes to the Guided Portfolios are put forward by HNW Planning for client acceptance. A guided portfolio is a strategy, it is not a product. They offer:

  • Access to a very cost efficient and transparent mechanism to own direct shares or exchange traded funds,

  • The option to permanently exclude investments (companies) on ethical or other grounds,

  • Access to Entitlement Offers, Share Purchase Plans, Dividend Re-investment Plans, and voting rights, and

  • You’ll avoid the “black box” solution of Managed Funds that can be sub-optimal for tax management, can be more expensive to access active advice, and create a dependency on others.

October 2023

HNW Monthly Performance – September 2023

October 4, 2023|

In September, the HNW Australian Equity Portfolio declined by -2.36%, ahead of the index return of -2.84%.  Stock movements over the month had nothing to do with company fundamentals, but rather macroeconomic concerns [...]

September 2023

August 2023

Reporting Season – Atlas Arteria Group

August 31, 2023|

Atlas Arteria (ALX) This morning, the Transurban of Eastern France, Atlas Arteria, released their half-year 2023 results. Similar to Transurban, given the regular traffic and revenue updates, there were few surprises, [...]

Reporting Season – Mineral Resources Ltd

August 29, 2023|

Mineral Resources (MIN): This morning, the diversified miner and mining services company reported their full year 2023 results, which were very strong and ahead of expectations, though it took the market [...]

Reporting Season – Wesfarmers Ltd

August 25, 2023|

Wesfarmers (WES): presented their full year 2023 profit results, which were better than Atlas' optimistic expectations. What was evident was that WES' businesses are performing well in a consumer slowdown and [...]

Reporting Season – Medibank Private Ltd

August 24, 2023|

Medibank Private (MPL): This morning, Australia's largest health insurer reported their full year 2023 results, which showed record profits and the company recovering from the dark days of the cyber hack [...]

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