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HNW Guided Portfolios are portfolios of direct shares and exchange traded funds, managed by HNW Planning’s Investment Committee with guidance from external asset consultants. Changes to the Guided Portfolios are put forward by HNW Planning for client acceptance. A guided portfolio is a strategy, it is not a product. They offer:

  • Access to a very cost efficient and transparent mechanism to own direct shares or exchange traded funds,

  • The option to permanently exclude investments (companies) on ethical or other grounds,

  • Access to Entitlement Offers, Share Purchase Plans, Dividend Re-investment Plans, and voting rights, and

  • You’ll avoid the “black box” solution of Managed Funds that can be sub-optimal for tax management, can be more expensive to access active advice, and create a dependency on others.

February 2024

Reporting Season – QBE Insurance Group Ltd

February 16, 2024|

QBE Insurance (QBE) The global insurer released its full-year 2023 profit results, which showed that the company is managing its business well with few negative surprises, benefiting from positive trends in [...]

Reporting Season – Charter Hall Retail REIT

February 16, 2024|

Charter Hall Retail REIT (CQR), the convenience retail real estate manager, posted strong earnings this morning, demonstrating the resilience of non-discretionary retail sales. The HNW Income Portfolio holds a 4.3% [...]

Reporting Season – Wesfarmers Ltd

February 15, 2024|

Wesfarmers (WES): They presented their half-year 2024 profit results, which were better than Atlas' optimistic expectations. What was evident was that WES's businesses are performing well in a consumer slowdown and [...]

Reporting Season – Arena REIT

February 15, 2024|

Arena REIT (ARF):  The listed childcare and medical centre owner reported their half-year 2024 results, which, as always, were consistent and steady. One of the key reasons we like ARF [...]

Reporting Season – Commonwealth Bank

February 14, 2024|

Commonwealth Bank (CBA)  reported its half-year results for the 2024 financial year, which were very solid, as expected. Due to the breadth of its lending activities touching every sector, CBA [...]

Reporting Season – CSL Limited

February 13, 2024|

CSL (CSL) reported their half-year 2024 profit results, which came in with mixed results but benefitted from stronger plasma collections and a strong USD, which is a positive for Australian investors [...]

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