HNW Planning is committed to effective and efficient complaint handling. We strive to address each complaint promptly, fairly, and consistently. All allegations are investigated thoroughly. If you have a complaint about HNW Planning or one of our representatives, please contact us at any of the below:

If you have a complaint about HNW Planning or one of our representatives please contact us.

  • Mail – PO Box 3305, Erina, NSW, 2250
  • Phone – 02 4365 2554
  • Email –

Our complaint process is free of charge. If you require any assistance with lodging your complaint, please let us know. You may also choose to authorise a representative to make a complaint on your behalf. Please note that your complaint does not need to be in writing.

We are bound by our Privacy Statement, and we manage and protect your personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

How and when will we communicate with you about your complaint

We endeavour to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 1 business day, either verbally or in writing. Where this is not achievable, acknowledgment will be made as soon as possible.

We will investigate your complaint promptly and respond to you within 30 calendar days. Our response will include:

  • The outcome of your complaint including the actions taken to resolve it.
  • The reasons for our decisions.
  • Information about your rights if you are not satisfied with the resolution.

Please note that some complex matters may require additional time to be thoroughly investigated and resolved. Where additional time is required, we will advise you in writing within 30 calendar days of receiving the complaint and explain the reasons for the delay.

How we handle your complaint.

We will respond to your complaint in a timely manner; our goal is to ensure the earliest possible resolution.

We will address your complaint promptly and in an unbiased manner, ensuring that all allegations are investigated thoroughly. We will inform all parties involved and ask them to respond.